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Years ago, you could find us on CB Radio on 38 upper sideband. Today, most people would think to find us by look on social media. Oh, don't look for us on mainstream social media or try to look-up our email. To ensure that we receive your comments in a timely manner, we strongly encourage you to submit ALL correspondence below or to use our contact from below or Click Here...

Send a voice message to Bookworm Cowboy
We have several other methods you can use to reach us:
Join us on Zello @ BookwormCowboy or Tutti Cowgirl. Zello is available for your Apple and Android Devices.
You can invite us to join your Jitsi Chat Virtual Meeting. The Jitsi Chat has HD audio and video. It let's you hold unlimited free meetings with up to 100 participants at a time. End-to-End encryption and it's open source. You can find us on Mastodon -