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Bob Hartung Ministry is a free (really!) nonprofit project and is fully supported by our family. We do not accept any outside donations or use affiliate links. This is the place to find things the Hartung Family feels are newsworthy. We do not base our reviews on who is the highest-paying affiliate programs.
Robert Hartung
Robert Hartung, who goes by the nickname of Bookworm Cowboy from Lakeland, Florida. I'm originally from Riverside, New Jersey. We're married to Tutti Cowgirl, originally from Overland Park, Kansas, and we're both retired.
Rebekah Hartung
Rebekah Hartung, who goes by the nickname of Tutti Cowgirl from Lakeland, Florida. We're originally from Overland Park, Kansas. We're married to Bookworm Cowboy and we're both retired. 
Being Libertarian
We are both libertarians. Libertarians are committed to the principle that liberty is the most important political value. Liberty means being free to make your own choices about your own faith, and how you serve Christ ought to be up to you. (Philippians 2:12-13) We don’t follow the teaching of man-made denominations within organized religion. We belong to God, and it’s to God alone that we owe our lives, obedience, and service. To Learn More - Click Here
Typos and Grammar

Typos and Grammar

As for typos or grammatical errors. I do my best to weed them out as often as possible, but as the site is updated so often, there is always a chance that they will sneak their way in! If you spot any glaring errors, you think need my attention immediately, do get in touch, so I can change them at the first available opportunity. Thank you very much!